We pride ourselves on the commitment, retention and loyalty of our clients

Who we are

Based out of Melbourne, we offer global investors an opportunity to gain not only a strong return through an expertly managed contribution to the Australian Economy, but a personal foot hold through assisted immigration. Paragon Business Group has and extensive track record of success across investment, home lending, property development and immigration assistance and it is our genuine care for our clients livelihoods that has driven us to be a true market leader.

Our vision

With its rich investment menu, elite finance lending products and award holding and experience finance consultants, PBG meets the many different needs of a different people through a single integrated experience. The pedestal and foundation of Paragon holdings its current pedestal is on the basis of a new product that only marks the beginning of a solid and successful road map for its resume for the growth economy in its services.

Our values

  • Respect & Integrity

  • Professional & Experienced

  • Passionate & Committed

  • Loyal & Discipline

Our 5 Business Pillars working together for our clients

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