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Could you explain what Paragon Premium Investment Fund is all about and who are you targeting with the launch of this fund?

The Paragon Premium Investment Fund (PPIF) is an Australian regulated wholesale investment fund is issued by Paragon Premier Investments Pty Ltd (Paragon), an Australian owned entity that has an Australian Financial Services Licence No. 483118. The fund is limited to wholesale investors. Paragon has developed the PPIF to allow both local and overseas investors to participate in investments that ordinarily an investor would not have access to. Investments in property development, property acquisition and mortgage lending to the development sector provide opportunities to earn quality returns. However, these opportunities require an experienced and qualified investment team to source and successfully manage the investment. Paragon’s investment team has many years of proven performance in the areas of investment in property development, property acquisition and mortgage lending. In addition, the PPIF is structured to be suitable and compliant for those overseas investors applying for the significant investor visa (SIV) leading to Australian permanent residency. There are many other requirements to consider for the SIV. However, the PPIF is deemed a compliant investment fund and therefore may have appeal for overseas persons considering a SIV.

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